Whether you are the victim of internet defamation or being wrongfully accused of internet defamation, you need to understand the law. In order for a comment, post or article to constitute internet libel, the following elements must typically be met:

  1. The first thing you must prove is that the statement constitutes a false statement of fact. A fact is different than an opinion. A fact can be proven true or false. Opinions are typically not actionable as defamation.
  2. The false statement of fact must harm your reputation. There are many false statements posted across the internet. In order to constitute libel, a statement must not only be false but must harm you or your company’s reputation and cause harm.
  3. The false statement of fact causing harm must be made without adequate due diligence or research into the truthfulness of the statement. Alternatively, plaintiffs often attempt to prove that the false statement of fact was made with full knowledge of its falsity.
  4. If the person who is the subject of the false statement of fact is a celebrity or public official, the plaintiff must also prove “malice.” Malice is proven when the person posting the information on the internet intended to do harm or acted with reckless disregard of the truth in making the statements.

There is often confusion about the differences between defamation, libel and slander. In many ways, courts treat defamation on the internet similar to off-line defamation. But there are differences which you need to understand when the false statements are made on-line.

  1. Defamation: An unprivileged false statement of fact which tends to harm the reputation of a person or company. This is a catch-all term for both libel and slander.
  2. Libel: Defamation which is written such as on a web site. Most on-line defamation occurs through libel by posting a web page, comment, bulletin board post, review, rating or blog post.
  3. Slander: Defamation that is spoken such as through an transcribed video, podcast or audio file.


It is so easy to sit down at your computer, iPad, or smart phone and vent your aggression, anger, or frustration by posting negative or false comments about someone else. In order to protect yourself, you create a special gmail address containing a name that is not in any way related to you. You use this gmail address to create an account on Yelp, ComplaintsBoard.com, RipOffReport.com, Google, or some other platform. You then set to work, flaming the person who is the target of your anger and frustration with all kinds of statements that you know will hurt their reputation.
You think you are very clever. You smile knowing how smart you really are. You feel anonymous and powerful. But guess what? An internet defamation attorney such as myself can find out who you are. Chances are, you have left digital clues as to your identity in thedefamatory post itself or related to the account you created so cleverly to remain anonymous. But even if a good internet and technology attorney cannot quickly identify you from your digital trail, I could always send a subpoena to the platform on which you posted. Chances are, they have your IP address which will tell me what internet connection you used in order to post anonymously. From there, I can subpoena the internet service provider to find out who owns the account through which you accessed the internet. Assuming that doesn’t reveal your identity, I can always identify the computer used on the account to access the internet and trace it directly to you. You are no longer anonymous.
Sometimes, it is important to take a step back and take a big breath of fresh air. Do not let your anger and frustration compel you to do something you will later regret. While posting false anddefamatory information is as easy as starting up your laptop, or turning on your smartphone, the damage that can be done to both you and the target of your frustration can last a lifetime. Even the best computer hackers in the world can often be traced and identified. Chances are, you don’t qualify as a world class hacker. I will find you. You will have to answer for the comments that were made online.


Do NOT be deceived by anything you read about any company listed on RipOffReport.com. Odds are good that it was written by RipOffReport.com's founder and wanted criminal and fugitive, Ed Magedson (note mug shot below), and is, in all probability, an attempt to extort money from companies he has targeted.

How the RipOff Report Scam works
Mr. "Ed" creates very damaging phony "consumer reports" on successful businesses that are very "reputation sensitive" (e.g., doctors, attorneys, service businesses, etc.). Once he is finished, he submits the phony "report" through numerous search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask, etc.

RipOff Report has been described as the "National Enquirer equivalent to the Better Business Bureau" (one might also call it the "Jerry Springer Show" counterpart to the BBB), originally allegedly created as a platform to allow consumers to air their gripes, complaints, and allegations about a business.Unfortunately, Ed and his "ambulance chaser lawyers" quickly learned they could extort legitimate businesses. RipOff Report appears to have been created for purely a money-making scam that has left numerous businesses and individuals tarnished with an unjustified damaged reputation that iscompletely without merit.

RipOff Report's high search engine visibility has led many companies and individuals to be left victimized and embarrassed due to complaints that typically don't have any merit whatsoever. Anytime a prospective customer of that business does a web search - which many consumers these days will do - they will see the defamatory link appear on that business, usually on the first page of the search engine results list, which then leads them to a very disparaging report on that business. That consumer may now have second thoughts about doing business with that particular company because of thebogus self-created report. This is how the scam begins.

Why is Ed Doing This?
It's called EXTORTION! What Ed does then is approach the business that he has defamed and offer his fraudulent "services" to remove the damaging "report", which typically means paying RipOffReport.com about $50,000 upfront, plus a $5,000 per month "monitoring fee" for a report THEY created! He may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet!

As a result, many companies have pursued legal action against RipOff Report and won! However, there is no knowledge that any judgment obtained against RipOff Report has actually been satisfied and the website is still online. The exact online location has been hard to pinpoint by law enforcement agencies.

So Just Who is Mr. Ed Magedson?
Ed Magedson, the owner and founder of RipOffReport.com is apparently aWANTED FUGITIVE by the FBI allegedly facing a number of multi-million dollar lawsuits from numerous companies WORLDWIDE! He is currently in hiding and no one can find him. By the way, for those of you who do know the whereabouts of Ed Magedson, there is currently a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Visit the Bad Business Rip Off website to view more on Mr. Ed (the page is quite lengthy - ol' Ed's been at this a long time...).

Criminal Charges Against Ed Magedson
The following is a list of criminal charges that Ed Magedson, founder and owner of RipOffReport.com, has been charged and found guilty of:

  • Check Fraud
  • Assault & Battery
  • Marijuana & Paraphenalia Possession
  • Default Judgement ($30,041.21)


This is in addition to the many lawsuits that have been filed against him. And here's what Mr. Ed looks like:



For further information about RipOffReport.com and Ed Magedson, visit the following links:
Bad Business Rip Off


If you would like to help join the fight against Ripoff Report, here’s what you can do. Visit these groups and petitions against Ripoff Report and its abusive unethical practices of extortion, and make your voice heard. Together we can make a difference.





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Ripoffreport.com has filed a lawsuit against our boycott. Give to our legal defense fund please!

Detailed information: Ripoffreport.com vs. Common Decency, Inc [Arizona Case: CV2013-012986]

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Google Blocks RipOffReport.com for having “Unacceptable Business Practices”

Join the new group: http://www.ripoffreport-victims-unite.org
Read More below

Rexxfield Internet Law Research has published a short 3 minute video demonstrating how the Google AdWords® business unit has banned advertising for RipOffReport.com due to “Unacceptable Business Practices”. The findings give rise to other questions however:

(1) Why does Google Search business unit hold RipOffReport.com in such high regard by giving it such high search rankings and;

(2) Why is Google AdChoices® business unit sharing revenue with RipOffReport by distributing advertisements through their appalling website?

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Ripoff Report is a Criminal Extortion SCAM! Total Proof!

Ed Magedson, the criminal extortionist behind RipoffReport.com

This is a warning for anyone out there who is considering becoming involved with Ed Magedson of RipoffReport.com or posting on it.He is a SCAMMER and EXTORTIONIST and I have total proof below. (Note: I will NOT remove this site exposing him until he removes MY posts from his site as I asked him to)

Basically, he set up RipoffReport.com to EXTORT money from people unethically. When someone posts a complaint, it can never be removed, even if the poster requests or demands it. Instead, they are referred to an arbitration program that costs thousands of dollars! That is pure extortion. There is no logical reason to ask a poster to pay thousands of dollars just to remove his own post on a website. Legitimate sites allow the poster to remove their own posts, or will gladly remove it per their request.

Anyone can put up a site and demand extortion. But it’s highly unethical and an obvious scam. And it’s a loser way to make money as well. Such people have no ethics, conscience, morals and are sociopaths and criminals. That’s exactly what Ed Magedson is.

I emailed RipoffReport asking them to remove my reports at:


They did not respond. Instead, they expect you to pay thousands for their arbitration program. Here is how it works, according to their site. Note the part in bold.


“Here’s how it works. We have contracted with private arbitrators who have extensive experience, including experienced judges in court. Once the program builds momentum, we will add other highly qualified arbitrators to our panel. You submit a written arbitration statement identifying the false statements in the report, or explaining that the report was posted by a competitor pretending to be a customer. You are also given the opportunity to support your position with documented evidence and/or sworn affidavits.There is a filing fee of $2,000 to pay for the arbitrator’s time and for administration of the program. The author of the report is then given the opportunity to respond and you are given the opportunity to reply.”

$2,000 just to remove a post that takes seconds to delete?! What a RIPOFF! (pardon the pun) This guy Ed Magedson is dreaming. What low class scum.

Furthermore, take a look at his totally illogical explanation and excuse about why he won’t remove any reports on his site at the author’s request.


“If I get the original author of a report to send a retraction demand, will Ripoff Report remove the complaint?

We are ALWAYS happy to hear that a dispute has been resolved! If you reach an agreement to resolve a complaint and the original author is willing to retract his/her report, they can easily post the retraction as an update to their report. This is 100% free and it will let the world know that the matter has been handled to the customer’s satisfaction. We are always happy to hear about parties resolving their disputes amicably and we strongly encourage authors to post updates any time their complaints have been satisfied. However, we cannot and will not consider removal requests from anyone, including a request which claims to be from the original author of a report. The reasons for this are explained above, but to summarize them again, we cannot determine which side to a dispute is telling the truth. Although our Terms of Service prohibit users from posting false information, we simply cannot serve as the judge or jury in disputes between two parties. Likewise, if we receive an email from someone claiming to be the author of a report and asking that it be removed, we have no way of knowing if this request is really from the original author, nor do we know if the request is seeking the removal of truthful information solely because of a threat from the person listed in the report.”

This makes NO LOGICAL SENSE at all. You can easily verify the author of a report simply by either 1) letting them delete their own posts by LOGGING IN to their account first (like legitimate websites do), or 2) verifying that the email address from the author matches the email on the account of the author. It’s that simple! Every other legitimate site works that way. Are we to believe that Ed Magedson has no common sense or understanding of how forums and websites work?! Yeah right.

Even on internet forums, a poster can delete his own post by simply doing it from their account. No one has to email the forum admin or moderator from an anonymous email asking their post to be removed. Magedson’s explanation is stupid and an insult to the intelligence of the reader.

Moreover, Magedson states on his site that he believes in the First Amendment and that anyone should be allowed to say anything about another person or company, so long as the accused is allowed to respond by posting a rebuttal. Well if that’s so, then why doesn’t he apply that standard to himself, and allow users to post negative reports about him and his site on RipoffReport.com, so long as he is allowed to respond to them too? Why does he not allow that? If one truly believes in something, then one will apply it to himself or herself as well. So the fact that Magedson doesn’t, is self-evident proof that he is a HYPOCRITE.

Finally, for some damning and incriminating info about Ed Magedson, see this website about his criminal activities, arrests (with scanned documents and police reports) and $20,000 reward offered for his whereabouts so that he can be served in court.


The obvious truth is that Ed Magedson is a criminal extortion scammer and a low scum, not that he can’t verify who the author of a report is.

So now that I’ve exposed Magedson and his scam operation, I formally declare that I will NOT remove this site exposing him until he removes MY own reports per my request from his site at the links above.

So if you are seeing this page, then it means that he has not removed them yet.

To Ed Magedson: When you remove my reports, post a notification in the comments section below, and I will check it and if it has been removed, then I will remove this site as well. I hope you will cooperate and find a more ethical way to earn money.

Warning to Ed Magedson: If you do not remove my report as I requested, I will post a copy of this report about you on ScamChecker.com. Once there, it CANNOT be removed, EVER, even at my request! Furthermore, I will also create blogs about you on Blogger and WordPress, containing this report, which will rank very high in the search engines! So do the right thing and remove my report on your site, and we will be all clear.

Thanks. I await your compliance and cooperation.



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